Hetian's new factory to create the world's first brand of flavors and fragrances


Hetian's new factory to create the world's first brand of flavors and fragrances

     Established in 1998, Suzhou Hetian Perfume Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of food flavors and fragrances. The company has developed into a group-type enterprise integrating real estate development, medical plastic surgery hospital, flavor and fragrance, finance and education.

      The headquarters of the group is located in Suzhou, which is known as the “first town of Shenzhou Water Town”. It not only has branch offices in the provincial capital cities, but also has sales channels in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. Currently, the company has developed 9 series. Thousands of varieties are sold at home and abroad, and sales are among the best.

      As the company's performance has been steadily improved year by year and catered to the future development trend of food natural health, Suhe has developed its own research team, constantly developing with high-tech and high-quality raw materials, and gradually shifting from a strategy of selling products to technology and technology. The R&D-type enterprise with technical services as the main body implements enterprise transformation.

      In 2018, in order to cope with the growing production and research scale and global strategic layout, the Group purchased 35 acres of land in Huzhou Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, and invested 150 million yuan in the first phase to establish a new global factory.

      The factory will create a visitable workshop, and plans to use imported equipment to carry natural aroma in 2020. It is estimated that the annual production of fragrance can exceed 1,000 tons, and the new Huzhou plant will also become the production base with the largest output of Suhe.

   Not only that, but the group also plans to establish a new large-scale R&D center in Suzhou in 2020, integrating more innovative technologies into product technology research and development, and gradually transforming from the previous blending flavor technology to developing the molecular structure and different food genes of each aroma. Structure, extracting a more natural and healthy aroma to meet the future development of the company and the increasingly stringent market demand.